PokeRegions Fight #01: Reshiram vs. Zekrom

Who will win? This week, the winner got crowned! Just a few votes were given! Read to see who won....

Part 1:

Reshiram and Zekrom lately fought hard!!! Here's the true story!

Reshiram and Zekrom were in peace, in their own area out in the wild, when then the Trainer N and Hilbert caught Reshiram and Zekrom fighting their heads off. After a flash of flames and a zap of lightning, Zekrom (Let's call him Z, OK?) flew up and roared. Reshiram (He should be named R.) used Roar, but R roared so loud that the building started to shake. Earthquake. Z couldn't stand up to R. Soon enough, Draco Meteor was used by R, another weakness of Z. Z tumbled down to the floor and hissed violently. after all the smoke cleared, a dull rope was chucked towards both dragons....

To be continued! Scroll down to see Part 2....

Vote Count:

Votes for Zekrom: 2

Votes for Reshiram: 1

Part 2:

.... The rope hit Reshiram! R screeched but then, Trainer N tied the rope around Reshiram! "Do it, Zekrom! Fight when you can!" Z struggled to get up, and when Zekrom finally did, he used Fusion Bolt. R let out one last yelp, until....

.... CRAAASH!!!!!

Reshiram was destroyed. "You did it, Z! You got crowned winner and defeated your greatest enemy yet! Congratulations on your monster-sized victory!" Hilbert squealed happily. Zekrom didn't understand humans, so he kicked Hilbert's butt. Do you know where he landed? In China!

 Look out for PokeRegions Fight #02!


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