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 I have made one other site, it is listed below in a link...



 Well hello there!

I am the creator of POKEMON REGIONS, but you can just call me Snivydream. If you can see the ad below, you can see that I created my site using the Yola Website Builder. Pokemon is popular, so this website was created. Too bad nobody visits my sites.... Anyway, if you look at my nickname, you can see that....

1: I love Pokemon, so I am a fan.


2: I like Snivy, or Tsuaaja. Look at the background, nickname, and animation above.


 Every week or month, NEWS gets updated.

1: Website recently was created! Sequel site will be created soon during 2012...

2: Who knew? Pictures + Animations Page now can be used!

3: Special 4th of July update is currently under construction! Please visit during this special holiday!

4: Sweet! New pages are added EVERY WEEK!

5: POKEMON REGIONS fight #02! I am so excited that this is the 2nd one made! Winner will be crowned on July 3rd or 4th.

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